Shafttech is a renowned stockist & distributor of a comprehensive range of power transmission, automation, and maintenance related products. The company prides itself on providing the ultimate mechanical solutions for light to heavy industries for example food, electronics, contract manufacturing, cement, marine and the oil & gas industry.

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Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

Cam followers are converting mechanisms that change the nature of the movement. This product is used to performing various operations in control systems of the operating cycle of technological machines, machine tools, engines, etc. Let's listen to this podcast to know about tips for maintaining your cam follower’s life?

Tuesday Jun 29, 2021

Are you searching for the best manufacturer to purchase cam followers? With the availability of a number of manufacturers, it becomes quite challenging to choose the right cam follower manufacturers. So, let’s find out those factors!

Tuesday Jun 22, 2021

Roller chains are one of the most demanded components of various machines and mechanisms. Maintenance of roller chains is vital to maximizing their life and effectiveness. Here in this guide, I have shared the important factors that maximize the roller chains' service life.

Wednesday Jun 09, 2021

Some manufacturers often neglect the important parameters of linear guides and carriages when designing manufacturing equipment. The linear motion system has several important characteristics that must be taken into account during the design process.

Thursday May 27, 2021

Did you know about racks and pinion? This type is used in a wide application and machine tools, where it is necessary to transfer rotary motion into translational motion. In this podcast, I have explained and put together every significant point related to this mechanical component.

Friday May 21, 2021

Are you searching for the best manufacturer to purchase cam followers? If so then listen to this podcast to know about several factors that make your task a little easy and convenient to choose the best one.

Friday Apr 30, 2021

 In every industrial field, different types of industrial worm gearboxes are essential components of machines used to handle various mechanical and manufacturing functionalities.  In this podcast, we explain in detail – what the different types of industrial gearboxes are and their various advantages.

Thursday Apr 22, 2021

The demand of stainless steel pillow blocks is enhanced in various industries such as chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. Due to its advantages, development of pillow block bearings also increases. Listen to this podcast to know what advantages stainless steel pillow blocks offer.

Thursday Apr 08, 2021

Did you know? What are sprockets? What are different types of sprockets? How it’s beneficial for manufacturing companies? To get detailed information about sprockets, listen to this podcast

Thursday Mar 11, 2021

Large machines require cam followers to transfer motion from one component to another. Also they are used in mechanical robots, and other equipment. Did you know? How can cam followers perform functioning and what are their types? If no, then head over to the article that I have shared here.

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